Wait for a bus…

…and then tell me the market knows best

Owen JonesContrasting the regulated bus services in London, the Guardian’s Owen Jones today (22 January 2016) describes deregulated buses outside London revealing itself as “the source of widespread, justified disgruntlement – an overpriced, inefficient, poor-quality mess”.

Owen asked Twitter for bad experiences of buses and receive ‘a long howl of anguish’. Chronic delays, virtually no evening travel, old clapped-out buses, infrequency, poor punctuality, extortionate prices, costly, no unified ticketing, cash only, services virtually end at 6pm, and poor Sunday service. And that’s just a few of the comments Owen received. The Guardian article refers to a new report, just published, that gives an analysis of the problems resulting from the deregulation of most of the country’s bus services that are now run by private companies. The report Building a world-class bus system for Britain can be downloaded below.

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