Buses on BBC Countryfile

BBC Countryfile recently featured bus services, or the lack of, in its roundup of country-related issues. The Campaign for Better Transport’s Martin Abrams responded to questions about whether bus companies replace services cut by local authorities, which in most cases of course they don’t, leaving many communities isolated. Martin highlighted facts such as over the past decade over 55 million miles of local authority supported bus routes have been lost compared to the 30 million miles that have been increased by commercial operators.

Is spending money on bus services a good investment? Yes it is, said Martin. “Absolutely, it’s a necessary investment. For every £1 that’s invested in buses, they generate up to £3.50 in wider economic benefits”.

Save our buses Hertfordshire agrees with Countryfile that, along with the obvious environmental benefits. the economic benefits of buses services appear to stack up too.