Tell us about your journeys

Building a case study

We need to collect information of peoples bus journeys in Hertfordshire. MPs act on evidence and we need to provide some examples of how difficult people are now finding how to make bus journeys following the September bus cuts. We want to build a case study of the difficulties that people now have getting to and from work, educational needs, leisure and social journeys.

Tell usAt our street stalls we now hand out leaflets like the one shown here so please email us with details of your journey experience:

  • bus route(s) used
  • times of the day you travel
  • bus stops you depart from and arrive at
  • the purpose of your journey
  • any other details you feel relevant (poor waiting facilities; lack of space on buses etc)

Send your journey details via our contact page or use the email address shown above.

Your personal information we collect will be kept in accordance with the 1998 and 2003 Data Protection Acts and will not be passed on to others. Download and print a copy of the above leaflet and pass on to your friends and family to help us build our case study.

The results of our case study will be posted here when completed.

We look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.


download Tell us leaflet (PDF 350KB)