BSOG saved

Good news for bus passengersStevenage-bus-stn-people-getting-off

The Bus Service Operators Grant was expected to be cut in the Chancellor’s autumn statement on Wednesday 25 November but it was left untouched, although it is still under review.

Cuts to the BSOG grant of £345 million would have lead to a 3% rise in fares and a 7% drop in service levels.

How do bus passengers benefit?

BSOG is a grant paid to the companies that run buses on the basis of their annual mileage. Bus passengers benefit because it helps keep fares lower and service levels higher than would otherwise be possible.

Does anyone else benefit?

The benefits extend beyond bus passengers to other road users and the wider community, leading to improvements in economic productivity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability and health.

Read more about BSOG and how it supports cheaper and more frequent buses by downloading the Greener Journeys report.


download Bus Service Operators Grant (PDF 350KB) (Greener Journeys report)