Bus route information showing current services and the changes as from the beginning of September 2015.

H1 Hertford Town Service: Pinehurst – Bus Station Centrebus Route extended to Herford North Railway Station.
H3/H4 Hertford Town Services: Horns Mill – Campfield Road Circular-Centrebus Mondays to Fridays peak period service changed to provide links between Hertford North Railway Station and County Hall instead of Horns Mill and Hertford North Railway Station. Off-peak and Saturday service to operate generally 10 minutes later than present. Journeys to/from Presdales School withdrawn (see Service 341).
311/312 Hertford – Waltham Cross
Road Runner Buses
Service WITHDRAWN to be replaced by a new service running Sundays and Public Holidays only, operated by Townlink Buses
395 Hertford Sele Farm Estate – Ware Fanham Common
Arriva the Shires
Sunday service withdrawn after 1835.
395 Hertford Sele Farm Estate – Ware Fanham Common
Service withdrawn, see Arriva Service 395 above.