Bus route information showing current services and the changes as from the beginning of September 2015.

8 Abbots Langley – Mount Vernon Hospital
Arriva the Shires
Additional journeys : 1840 (Mondays to Saturdays)/1745, 1845 (Sundays) Woodside – Mount Vernon Hospital; 1930 (Mondays to Saturdays)/1835, 1935 (Sundays) Mount Vernon Hospital – Woodside.
8 Woodside – Mount Vernon Hospital
Redline Buses
Service WITHDRAWN, see Service 8 above.
10 Woodside – Holywell
Arriva the Shires
A mainly commercially operated daily evening service introduced, operating generally hourly Woodside
– Watford Town Centre and Watford Town Centre – Holywell.
10 Woodside – Holywell
Redline Buses
Service WITHDRAWN, see Service 10 above.
10 Chrishall – Bishop’s Stortford
Service WITHDRAWN, awaiting details of replacement Service.
319 Chipperfield/North Watford – North Watford Superstores Red Eagle Rerouted via Leavesden Park and extended via Watford Town Centre to serve Langley Road and Cassiobury Estate. Also introduced on Tuesdays and Thursdays when will serve Kings Langley (Lower Road, Primrose Hill, Blackwell Road, High Street) instead of Chipperfield.
321 Luton – Watford
Arriva the Shires
Minor adjustments to timings in the Luton area.
322 Hemel Hempstead – Watford
Red Rose Travel
Service WITHDRAWN, see Service 319 (September Issue).
324 Garston – Maple Cross
Arriva the Shires
Minor timing adjustment to one early journey.
352 Watford – Hemel Hempstead
Red Rose Travel
0721 Hemel Hempstead – Watford, 1840 Watford – Hemel Hempstead journeys withdrawn (Saturdays).
398 Watford – Potters Bar
Sullivan Buses
Mondays to Fridays timetable revisions with most off-peak journeys no longer serving South Mimms village. Saturday service withdrawn (see Service 306B).
500 Watford – Aylesbury
Arriva the Shires
Early evening reductions over Watford – Hemel Hempstead section. 1750 Watford – Hemel Hempstead journey extended to Tring (Mondays to Fridays) and 1840 Aylesbury – Tring journey extended to Hemel Hempstead (Mondays to Saturdays) in partial replacement for Service 501.
501 Watford – Tring
Arriva the Shires
Service WITHDRAWN (see Service 500).
501 Watford – Aylesbury
Red Rose Travel
Some evening journeys withdrawn, Mondays to Saturdays.
Watford – Borehamwood
Sullivan Buses
New timetable: North Borehamwood frequency increased to three buses per hour, Mondays to Fridays. All journeys to operate anti-clockwise (Service 306A withdrawn) and all serve Allerton Road except evenings; last evening service journey from Watford 2130 Mondays to Saturdays; South Borehamwood no longer served; first journey from Watford withdrawn Saturdays (first journey Mondays
to Fridays kept, operated on commercial basis); Sunday service to be provided on a commercial basis 0815-1850; frequency every 45-60 minutes; no longer serves South Borehamwood.
306B Watford – Potters Bar
Sullivan Buses
New Service with the same route as Service 306 Watford
– Borehamwood and Service 398 Borehamwood – Potters Bar Railway Station (served direct from/to Mutton
Lane). Hourly service Saturdays only providing increased frequency between Watford and Borehamwood.
306C Borehamwood – Watford/Garston
Sullivan Buses
Saturday journeys withdrawn.
R1/R2 Maple Cross/Chorleywood – Mount Vernon Hospital/Watford-Red Eagle New timetable providing for withdrawal of Saturday service, reduced period of operation (0840 – 1720) and revisions to shopping facilities in response to requests
W1 Garston/Watford – Maple Cross-Red Rose Travel Evening services withdrawn. Last buses to be 1854 Garston (Sundays)/1915 Watford Town Centre (Monday–Saturdays) – Maple Cross and 1835 Maple Cross – Garston (Sundays only).
W12 Watford Town Service: Cassiobury Estate & Town Centre Circular- Red Rose Travel Service WITHDRAWN, see Service 319 (September Issue).
W30 Watford Town Service: Watford Junction/Town Centre – Business Parks
Red Rose Travel
Service to be operated on a mainly commercial basis; no change to timetable.
602 Hatfield – Watford
Mondays to Saturdays daytime service will no longer serve South Hatfield (see Service 622) or Shenley Black Lion.
A reduced Mondays to Saturdays evening service will be provided on a commercial basis but the last round trip on Sundays will be withdrawn.