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If you want to find out if your buses will still be running in September have a look at the page links below for your town.

Many routes have been cut completely whilst others have lost their evening services or have been drastically reduced in frequency. The service changes shown are mostly as a result of the drastic cuts proposed following two public consultations held by Hertfordshire County Council in August 2014 and May 2015.

Back in May this year it looked like many evening services would finish at around 7.30pm because these are the non-commercial services that were funded (until the beginning of September) by the County Council. Now some of the bus operators have stepped in and agreed to run some of these as commercial services, albeit with a dramatically reduced frequency.

The bus companies can withdraw any services anytime they feel they don’t make enough money by giving 56 days notice. In the past when these situations arose the County Council agree to fund them, but not now.

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